It was a day to march, connect with each other and fuel the momentum of this movement, and now it is time for further ACTION.



1. Tweet your photos from the march to the following (and please add additional elected officials, media outlets, etc of your choosing):

  @realDonaldTrump @DevineNunes @repKevinBrady @repPeterDefazio @DaveReichert

  #TaxMarch #TaxMarchPDX #ReleaseTheReturns #WhatsHeHiding

2. Sign Senator Wyden’s Letter

3. Share your photos on Tax March PDX FB Event Page and Tax March FB Page and let the collective photos tell the true story...that the majority of Americans believe Trump should release his tax returns and THOUSANDS marched on April 15th to demand he do so.

This march was about transparency, accountability, and trust.

Within days of his inauguration, a White House petition calling on Trump to release his tax returns garnered the most signatures of any White House petition ever. The Trump administration's response? "People don't care."

We marched in Portland and in over 200 communities across the country to show that we do care. Trump can’t have the trust of the American people until he releases his tax returns. By doing so, he could put to rest the speculation currently surrounding his administration on such topics as:  

  • Business dealings with foreign governments, including Russia, that could be used as leverage against the President and compromise the safety of the United States.
  • Business dealings that are considered conflicts of interest and violate the constitution.
  • Donations to organizations that work to restrict the rights of immigrants, women, people of color, or the LGBT community.
  • Tax shelters, loopholes, or outright tax evasion.